All rentals come equipped with:

  • 12 Volt RV Battery
  • Water Hose + Water Pressure Regulator
  • Electrical Cord + Adapter
  • Sewer Hose

Travel Extras to bring along on your vacation:

  • Bedding & linens
  • Pots, pans & cooking utensils
  • Cooking appliances (i.e. toaster, coffee maker)
  • Plates, cups & cutlery
  • Food, beverages & ice
  • You favourite games and camping accessories.
  •  And last, but certainly not least, a vacation mindset!

Picking up your RV:

  • Call/text to arrange a pick up time.  Once confirmed we will have the unit cleaned and sanitized and ready for you to start your vacation.
  • We will give you a tour of the trailer to ensure you understand how everything operated before you depart – we want you to start your vacation with peace of mind. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to show you what you need to know.
  • We will complete the paper work and provide you with the keys.
  • If you have booked any extras, please make sure you have them in your RV before setting off.  

Dropping off the RV:

  • Call/text regarding/confirming the agreed upon Return time.
  • Please ensure the camper is clean, sanitized and free of garbage, the sewer tanks (black and grey) are dumped and the propane tanks are topped up.